Stickman Temple Duel

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You are an acolyte at a Stickman temple, a training ground for upcoming fighters. Defeat your opponents and become the ultimate Stickman

Ready to get your ninja senses broken? Then this Stickman Duel is the perfect game for you! Why? Because in this fast-paced platform fighter, you’ll have to use all of your wits and reflexes to outsmart and outplay your opponent. Both of you will control a nimble ninja called a Stickman. Your main objective is to take down the AI or another player by making them fall off the edge of the platform or trap them in a stand-alone cage. Sounds easy? Good luck! There’s

The Stickman Temple Duel is a challenging, fast-paced platform duel game. Play as one of the courageous Stickman fighters and challenge your friends to see who can reach the final level and defeat the evil goat mastermind. The last player standing wins! Be quick and agile, hone your reflexes and rebound off walls to gain an advantage over your opponent. Each fighter has their own strengths, so choose wisely when customizing your character before you start. Good

Stickman Temple Duel is an multiplayer action game where you compete with another player to reach the exit of the level first. You have to avoid traps and defeat enemies to last as long as possible. Your score depends on speed, completion time, and coins collected during your run. The controls are simple: use left and right arrows to walk or jump, up arrow to attack, down arrow to block. Good

Stickman Temple Duel is a local multiplayer 2D action platformer. It's fast, furious and fun! Challenge your friends or family and see who can climb the leaderboard. Play as one of many characters and fight to be the last man

How to play Stickman Temple Duel

Instruction Controls for Story Mode: Movement: WASD or Arrow Keys Aim : Mouse Control Shoot: Mouse Left Click Controls For 2 Player: Player 1 Movement : Arrow Keys Player 1 Shoot : "L" Key Player 1 Shield: "K" Key Player 2 Movement: WASD Keys Player 2 Shoot: "F" Key Player 2 Shield: "G" Key Controls for VS Bot: Movement: Arrow Keys Shoot: "L" Key Shield: "K" Key

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