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About Survival Rainbow Monster

In Survival Rainbow Monster, a seemingly innocent school trip to Spooky Park takes a horrifying turn. You, an unnamed child, find yourself kidnapped and trapped in a desolate location with only one horrifying companion: the Rainbow Monster. With five nights ahead, each comes with a unique challenge you must overcome while avoiding the relentless pursuit of the monster. Can you survive the twisted games, solve puzzles, and outsmart the Rainbow Monster to see the dawn?

How to Play

  • Nightly Challenges: Each night presents a new objective, from scavenging for supplies to fixing machinery, all while evading the ever-present threat of the Rainbow Monster.
  • Stealth and Strategy: Utilize your wits and the environment to your advantage. Hide, distract, and outmaneuver the monster to stay alive until the next morning.
  • Unravel the Mystery: As you survive each night, piece together the clues and uncover the secrets behind your abduction and the true nature of the Rainbow Monster.

Advantages of Playing

  • Thrilling Survival Horror: Experience the heart-pounding tension of being hunted by a terrifying creature in a desolate environment.
  • Unique Nightly Challenges: Each night brings a fresh set of objectives and puzzles, keeping the gameplay engaging and unpredictable.
  • Unraveling a Mystery: Piece together the narrative as you progress, uncovering the truth behind your capture and the motivations of the Rainbow Monster.

Survival Rainbow Monster is a chilling test of your survival skills and mental fortitude. Are you brave enough to face the darkness and outlast the Rainbow Monster's twisted games?

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