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If you like Stickman Shoot, then give this game a try. This game is based on the popular online game stickman shoot. The object of the game is to eliminate all the stick figures on the map by shooting them. You have a total of 4 lives and if you run out, then you lose. The game has multiple maps with different places in each map. The maps are divided into different difficulty levels so that players of all skill ranges can enjoy it. The maps also have unique features that make each map unique from others. Each level has its own enemies that have to be eliminated before they reach your base or attack your base directly as well as other such things that are specific to that level only. It is an ultimate strategy shooter where you will alternate between fast paced action and strategic thinking to win the match! This shooting game has levels and each level has a time limit for its completion. If you complete the time limit, then you will get an additional point for every second remaining at the end of the level one more second gives you one more point and if you finish it in 5 seconds, then another extra point will be given on top of it which makes it three points instead of two points which means that if you want to get maximum points from each level, then short play style is suggested rather than long play style because short play style increases chances of getting maximum points while long play reduces it making it harder than short play style but

Shooting games are fun and interesting but can also be challenging as well. Shooting games help you to relax after a hard day at work or even when you’re studying for an exam. No matter how old you are, everybody enjoys playing shooting games. If you have never played a shooting game before, then you will find it very easy to pick up and start playing soon. If the idea of shooting games seems a bit alien to you, then we recommend that you try some of the free online shooting games first. You might even discover your new favorite genre! This article lists some of the best free online tactical squad stickman shoot ’em up battle games for boys and girls that every stickman fan should play. We also provide brief overviews of other similar games that are worth checking out as

The Tactical Squad Stickman is an advanced combat unit armed with a machine gun and explosives. They’re the first to reach any given objective, eliminating enemies as they go and clearing the way for their teammates. They are not alone in that regard, either. The Tactical Squad consists of three other amnesiac stick men who were recovered with their guns, grenades, etc. Still wearing their guard outfits, they don’t remember anything except that they were attacked by hooded opponents while on routine patrol and everything afterward is a blur. Since they can no longer be trusted as operatives, they have been assigned to the Training Unit until such time as memory returns and proper training begins. Until then, basic training will suffice…or so thinks our

As a member of the highly trained Tactical Squad, you will be deployed to various battlegrounds and face countless enemies as you fight for the control of these lands. Your mission is to eliminate all enemy combatants, strategically place traps and defensive barriers along your path and above your base, attack from various angles and breach their defenses at every opportunity you get. Every time it’s different. BATTLEFIELD IS ALWAYS DIFFERENT! This is

Stickman Battlefield is an epic first person shooter with realistic physics, ragdoll effects and destructible environments. The game has multiple game modes such as Conquest, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and a 5-map campaign. ◉ Challenge players from around the world in real-time PVP via local WiFi or GGPO connection. ◉ Multiple game modes including Conquest, Deathmatch and Team

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Using Mouse

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