The Last Man

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The Last Man,game,adventure, monster, 1player, escape, maze3d, shoot, 3d, reaction, scifi The Last Man is an interactive narrative experience that places the player in the role of a lone man grappling with a world turned upside down. He must fight to stay alive as he navigates an atmosphere that no longer makes sense and teams up with resistance fighters that teach him new tricks of the trade. When his wife and daughters are captured by mysterious raiders he can only pray they’re safe…but what if they’re

A tragic accident brings a brilliant scientist to the end of his life. Rumors of his death are greatly exaggerated, however. Thanks to funding he received from an anonymous benefactor, Dr. Henry Jekyll has rebuilt and expanded his lab. It now houses state-of-the-art equipment as well as top secret research into the mysteries of alchemy. The only catch? While everyone else left behind is in hell, he’s descended upon Earth to help make it a better place by creating a new breed of super soldier: the last

A mysterious woman known as The Last Man has come to Earth looking for a man. She believes he is the last human alive, and she’s come to get him to save the world from an alien maze3d, shoot, 3d, escape room game - Enter a terrifying new world and explore the last man's story in this 3D escape room game. Can you save mankind from

How to play The Last Man

Instruction Controls WASD or arrow keys = move Left-click = shoot Right-click = pick up weapon or item Mouse scroll = change weapon R = reload T = ON / OFF thermal goggle N = ON / OFF night vision goggle M = ON / OFF Map Left-Shift / Space = run P = pause

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