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Your task is to survive the waves of evil zombies. Do not let them get close to you! There are several weapons, including shotguns, pistols, rifles and automatic weapons. Use your weapons and tactics to earn enough points to get to the next level. Features: - Survival mode with 27 levels, - Choose from a variety of weapons, - Original music and atmospheric sound effects, - WebGL & Web Audio support, - Perfect for touch devices, - Rich graphics, - Game Center Leaderboards. IMPORTANT! This game has some bugs in the current version, so if you are looking for a perfect game with no bugs, you can buy the full version instead of the lite version. If you want to support the development of this game, you can try the lite version of the game and leave a nice review for

If you play games for the story, for the challenges and for the fun, this game is for you! The battle for survival has begun! You are a lone survivor in a post-apocalyptic world, and your only goal is to survive and find a way out of the hazardous reality. Explore the dangerous wastelands and survive in this bloodthirsty world. The best of web-based, first-person and 3D games are available in this new, skill-based shooter! Shoot your way out of danger and engage in deadly combat with other players in this touch-based and virtual world! Fight for your life in a variety of locations for hours of exciting

The ultimate 3D first person shooter. Shoot your enemies to survive in this hardcore multiplayer shooter! CHOOSE TO PLAY AS ONE OF FIVE UNIQUE CHARACTERS - Commando: a powerful, balanced character with a powerful shotgun, a shield and a jetpack. - Sniper: a marksman with a sniper rifle. - Support: a gadget-loving character with a Tesla and an energy shield. - Scientist: a character with a Nuke and Tesla. - Adventurer: a character with a jetpack and an unlimited jetpack fuel. CHOOSE YOUR GAME MODE - Survival: kill your enemies and survive. - Team Deathmatch: fight against the opposing team to win. - Capture the Flag: team up with another player to capture the enemy flag. COMPETE AGAINST YOUR FRIENDS - Compete against your friends in cross-platform leaderboards. - Go head-to-head in tournaments. - Play co-op against AI bots. SHOOT YOUR ENEMIES - Unlock guns and upgrade your weapons with 100+ unique mods. - Kill your enemies with high-powered weapons. NO RUSH! - Experience a deep and rewarding gameplay with no timer. - You can play as long as you like without getting bored. - No frustrating level up

Download the client and get a free key. The game is free to play and free to download! Join thousands of players around the world and dominate the arena! It takes a lot of skill to be a great shooter. It takes even more skill to be the best. The best are the ones who can adapt to any situation and stay calm under pressure. They are the ones who survive the most. They are the ones who win. Master the art of survival and you will be the best shooter of your server! Features: - FPS battles in a unique, realistic and challenging environment. - A wide variety of weapons, gear and gear-upgrades to choose from. - In-game shop to buy cool gear! - Endless challenging missions and game modes. - Level up your character and unlock new weapons, gear and gear-upgrades. Join the arena and become the best shooter! If you like this game, support us by: - Downloading the game; - Playing the game; - And sharing this game with your

The world has been in chaos for many years. People have lost their sanity and have become bloodthirsty beasts. You are one of the last few humans left on Earth. Your mission is to survive and survive alone. The world is not a safe place. You need to be the best, the fastest, and the most ruthless. You will have to risk your life to save it. You will have to be ruthless, to survive. The world is not a safe place. You need to be the best, the fastest, and the most ruthless. You will have to risk your life to save it. You will have to be ruthless, to survive. Use your skill and your wits to fight back against the ravenous hordes of the undead. Stay alive as long as you can, because the world is not a safe place. Are you ready? Let's play Slaughter! Slaughter is a pixel art first person shooter game. It's fast, brutal and hard. You have to shoot and kill hordes of zombies and other beasts in the world. At the end of the day, you will be the last man standing. So choose your loadout carefully. Upgrade your guns, pick up new ones and use them wisely. There are many ways to kill your enemies. You can also use traps and ambushes to your advantage. You can even fight back against humanoid zombies as well. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world. It tells the story of a lone survivor

How to play Time Shooter 2

  • WASD or arrow keys = move
  • Left-click = shoot / pick up weapon
  • Right-click = throw weapon

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