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You are a hero called Towerland and your goal is to defeat the Goblin King and claim his magic potion for yourself. To do that, you will have to go through different levels where you need to collect elemental orbs and destroy evil towers in order to get stronger. Sounds simple? Let’s take a look at some of the key features of this game: – This is an adventure game with pixelart graphics and a top-down perspective. It’s played on one screen with various objectives that you need to complete in order to continue playing. – You can play it by yourself or with your friends using local co-op or competitive mode. There are also different difficulty levels so that even the most experienced players can enjoy it. – The gameplay revolves around destroying towers as they appear by getting orbs from them. Each tower has its own unique properties such as fire not being able to grow certain types of plants, water not being able to digest food or smoke being harmful if inhaled. When the towers are destroyed, new ones appear which make it even more difficult to beat. – You start the game with only your fists but as you play on different levels you get better equipment such as swords, shields, boomerangs and arrows which give you access to new areas or platforms while fighting off enemies along the way. What's New in This Release: • Minor bug fixes If you enjoyed playing Towerland then don’t forget to check out our other games! Make sure

Monster Adventure has everything you need in one RPG game. It’s simple, it’s fun and most importantly: it’s addictive. Towerland is an easy-to-pick-up, action packed adventure RPG where you get to play as a powerful monster against other monsters and humans alike. Each level requires you

In this game, you must defeat more than a hundred monsters and their leader. But be careful! They have one amazing power: the more power-ups you get the stronger your monster becomes. Help him to defeat all the monsters and become the top hero in monster land.

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Tags addictingpower-upsimplecontrols#arcade#monster#adventure#shooter#top#topgame#shooting#2d#retro#money#1player#roguelikedesktop#shoot#pixelart Description Towerland is a top-down shooter with game mechanics inspired by the famous Binding of Isaac. Features: -Dozen of monsters -Unlockable Powerups -3 Different game modes -3 Bosses Key Features 3 Levels, 3 game modes, Pixel art Graphics, dozens of monsters, top down shooter,Controller supported Instruction GAME CONTROLS Keyboard: WASD to move Arrow Keys to Shoot P to Pause the game Gamepad: Left Analog / D-pad Move Right Analog / XYBA to Shoot Start/Menu to Pause the game

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