Triangle Wars

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Do you like shooting games? If so, then this game is for you! In Triangle Wars, you take on the role of a gunner in a space battle. To hit your targets, you have to shoot down opposing aircraft. You have three lives and each time you lose a life, you have to start from the beginning of the level that you’re playing. Can you get past all of them and score the highest score possible? Will you be able to prove that a gunner can never lose? Use the arrow keys to move around and fire your laser gun. Avoid being hit by falling debris and avoid shooting down other aircraft. The more aircraft that are shot down, the further apart they jump into the air, giving them an opportunity to shoot down other planes in the same

The industry is changing and so should the games we play. We are no longer just sitting back watching videogames take up entire rooms, we are becoming the characters playing them. Creating content that takes us into another world, or into the videogame version of that world, is now as valid a pursuit as creating traditional computer games. Enter: Triangle Wars! This arcade shoot’em up is perfect for fans of retro space battles and sci-fi shooters. With its 3D graphics, this takes arcade shoot’em ups to a whole new level of in-your-face adrenaline pumping fun. triangle wars – arcade rocketship shooting

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Using Mouse

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