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This is a HTML5 game where you need to use your skills in order to survive. The Walking Zombies is an HTML5 shooting game where you need to shoot zombies that come out of their graves in order to survive. You'll be able to play it on PC, Mac and all major mobile platforms like Android and iOS. The Necropolis is full with evil spirits as they're ready to invade the living world again by coming out of their graves so they can feed on the blood of human beings once more. As a newly emerging Dark Soul who's called back from the dead, Your mission is to protect the living world from those invading spirits by finding weapon and ammunition that will help you fight them off before they reach your town and spread evil once more. How long can you last against hordes of walking corpses? There are many traps available for you as well so be careful when moving around. If you're not careful enough, They might just turn on you

Walking monsters is an html5 shooting game for kids. In this game you will encounter many different types of walking monsters and try to shoot them using your gun. You have to be careful because some of the walking monsters are faster than others, so you might need to plan your moves accordingly. The first type of walking monsters that you will encounter are zombies. The second type are spiders, followed by foxes and bats. Each new kind of walking monster has a unique ability to help you escape from them. Level up your character, unlock new weapons and abilities, buy better gear and experience more fun in this interesting HTML5 shooting game for

Walking Monsters is a HTML5 shooting game. Kill the Zombies in this chilling mobile adventure from the creators of Game of Thrones and Clash of Clans. When an outbreak infects the city’s residents, you must fight for your life against bloodthirsty zombies with only one goal: stay alive until help arrives. In this action-packed game, you play as a young photographer who untags himself from his house to capture some amazing photos of the city. But something goes wrong when he meets two strange girls while he is photographing them… Now, you will have to make difficult choices in order to survive this nightmarish world and find your way back

The Resident Evil universe has expanded significantly in recent years. The games have been more action-oriented, the animated series has become a regular feature on various video outlets, and the films themselves are becoming more prominent as well. In this game you will play as Rick who is trapped in a house full of zombies. You need to shoot your way out with gun in hand. You can upgrade your weapons and armor at various locations. There are key items as well that you need to find in order to complete the game successfully. Aside from these there are other bonuses too such as extra life and ammo

In this game, you play as a special agent who is responsible for eliminating the walking dead in cities. You will have to complete various missions and take out zombies with your gun. Try to shoot all the zombies before they reach you or run away from them. Make sure that you don’t get bitten or attacked by other zombies because if that happens, then it will make you a permanent part of the undead. The faster you move and the more zombies you kill, the higher your score will

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Using Mouse

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