Wild West Zombie Clash

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About Wild West Zombie Clash

Play Wild West Zombie Clash - Zombies are starting to invade the world. As a hero, you need to do something. Join the battle to protect the world, kill all zombies and get the reward you deserve.

If you are a shooter lover but require the aesthetics of the character and sharp images, this is a game definitely not to be missed.

A few notes when playing Wild West Zombie Clash.

When you're new to the game, you'll be shot a lot early, sometimes before you even have time to shoot. It makes you frustrated and scared, so you will choose places with few people to jump to avoid fighting early. But that is considered by most gamers to be a common way. Maybe you will choose a place with few people to get used to the gameplay, then you should drop your parachute into a crowded place to practice your observation and shooting skills.

Avoiding unnecessary fights is good, but if you don't engage in combat much then your skill and experience will be low and once you meet a real opponent you will have less chance of winning. So, practice hard first. Surely after a while of fighting in many maps, you will be more confident and your gun skills will also improve significantly. Of course, not being afraid here does not mean being stubborn, it is necessary to combine with some other skills to fight with a large number of opponents.

Fearlessness is the key to victory but going with it requires a sober mind. In many situations where the enemy is surrounded, the first priority is to choose a good position. Leaning against a structure such as a wall or under a hillside are considered positions that are not only open to the view but also safe. Once you have a good position, you will choose the perfect angle of view. Now you just have to wait for the opponent to come through and defeat them all.

A special feature of the game is that when you shoot your head, you will use the most rudimentary gun. So picking up items and upgrading guns is a top priority. But there is an extremely important point to note that getting things must be fast. If it takes too long to get the items, their opponents can take advantage of that time to shoot you. You will lose immediately. You should only focus on the necessary items, do not carry too much because it will reduce your movement speed.

If you are already a professional shooter with a lot of experience in combat, you should practice shooting from a long distance, accurately, and decisively. The opponent is not always bewildered and stands still for you to defeat. When you attack from afar, it will help limit the possibility of exposure.

Note that each gun has its own characteristics. Please familiarize yourself with them before using them in battle.

When participating in Wild West Zombie Clash, players will be surprised to admire because of the extremely "stretch" graphics that a shooting game can possess. The sounds in the game from footsteps, gunshots, or grenades are all realistic, giving players the ultimate emotion.

How to play Wild West Zombie Clash

Use left or right mouse to change vision. The left mouse button will help you see the far corner and the right mouse will do the opposite. The navigation buttons on the keyboard help you move the character.

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