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About Zombie Vacation 2

Zombie Vacation 2 is a third person shooting game inspired by the famous movie “Zombie Road”. You are a secret agent hired to protect a tourist bus full of

Zombie Vacation 2 is the sequel of the first version which has been released last year. This time, players will be shooting zombies, not just in a cabin but also on a cruise ship! In this new game, there are two different modes to choose from – Casual and Normal. Each mode has its own unique features and gameplay. In Casual Mode, players need to reach their final destinations within a given time limit without getting caught by zombies. On the other hand, in Normal Mode, you can only shoot at zombies when they appear one by one – that means you have to think about your every move or else you’ll get overwhelmed by them easily. In both of these modes, you have to collect as many coins as possible so that you can unlock your favorite weapons before starting a new level. Besides, there are hidden areas in each level with special rewards if you manage to discover them all in both modes of the

You are the only survivor of a zombie apocalypse and have found refuge on a tropical island. You will have to shoot everything that moves because these zombies don’t know that they are dead! Venture through unique locations, meet new survivors, kill infected animals and grow your own crops to stay alive. Explore the island, upgrade your shelter, stock up on supplies and unlock new areas for even more exciting gameplay. Stay sharp and keep shooting in this third-person shooter with strategy game elements. It is time to go back to that tropical paradise… but this time there are

With the zombie apocalypse upon us, you might think that it’s time to pack your bags and book a flight to some remote island. Well, we have good news and bad news. The good news is that you can do just that and take refuge in a tropical paradise populated by gorgeous locals, blue lagoons, lush cedar forests and of course, zombies. The bad news? It’s not

Zombie Vacation 2 is a shooting game with a nostalgic flair, combining the gameplay of old school shooters with the graphics of modern first-person shooter games. In this action-packed zombie shooting game you are thrown into the middle of an outbreak and must complete various missions, each with its own set of

How to play Zombie Vacation 2

WASD - Move. LMB - Shoot. RMB - Aim. Mouse Wheel - Change weapon. R - Reload. Space - Jump. T - Bullet time.

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