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The outbreak of the Zombie virus has begun. Your mission is to protect your base from Zombies and other hostile players. To achieve this, you must build walls to keep them out, research new weapons to kill them and stock up on supplies to survive till help arrives. Build a safe Base, research new technologies and use the environment against the zombies in this first-person shooter game for PC, Xbox One or Playstation 4. Build a safe base using various items found around your map such as doors, windows and walls in order to hold back the zombie horde. Use traps strategically placed around your base as well as a variety of weapons such as guns, grenades, knives and explosives in order to destroy threats before they reach your home. To help with your survival plan you will have access to different types of maps that can be used to store essential resources including food and ammunition while also providing shelter from outside threats such as zombies or hostile players. The map layouts can be changed according to personal preferences or if there are any dangers that may come into play depending on where you choose place your base. Accessing these resources also involves building walls around your home which can be constructed by yourself or with the assistance of others depending on what type of home you wish to build and its location within the map layout. Using traps strategically placed around your base will help with keeping unwanted enemies at bay while also giving you an opportunity make sure no one ever finds their way inside should enemies attempt an attack by breaking through

Zombie virus is an FPS game with blood and gore. Player can shoot the zombies by using different types of guns like pistols, shotguns, rifles, SMGs and more. There are different types of zombies in the game like fast zombies, slow zombies and spitter zombies. At some point of time a zombie outbreak has occurred in a city and people have started getting infected by it. The virus turned them into mindless monsters who don't care about anything including their own lives anymore. They only want to feed on human flesh to satiate their hunger. You play the role of the survivor who has been helped out by a group of researchers to find a cure for this new zombie virus which has taken over the entire city that you reside in out there. You have been assigned a mission to sneak into the labs where the scientists are conducting research on this virus for a cure for it with your trusty gun in hand so that you can save as many people from these zombies as possible till your team finds a cure for this deadly disease that these animals have fallen victim

Zombies are everywhere. They’ve escaped from the laboratory, the asylum and now they have broken free into our world. You play as Scott who must fend off zombie attacks in his small town. To do this, he must build a safehouse that is not only home but also a fortress that can keep the zombies out. But every place has its own secrets and you will need to explore each area to find them all before the zombies get inside and turn your safehouse into their home. As Scott, you must build defenses against roaming zombie hordes bent on turning your safehouse into their next meal. Build traps to snare wandering zombies, barricades to ward off charging marauders and walls for protection from flying vermin! If you think outside the box, you might just be able to drive back the zombie invasion… but if you’re prepared to sacrifice anything and everything in your quest for survival, then by all GO FOR

As the world starts to become unstable, a new zombie virus spreads and infects humans from the dead. In hopes of beating the virus, scientists perform extensive research in order to produce an anti-virus vaccine. Unfortunately, there is no cure for zombies and it's spreading very quickly. You are a highly trained soldier with access to the most advanced weapons and technology that can be found anywhere on Earth at this time. You must shoot down as many zombies as you can before they take over and overtake your base. The game features single player campaign with 6 levels, shooting mechanics, different battlefields (city or forest) with different gameplay mechanics like supply points where you can upgrade your gear or healing points where you can get healed if you have been hit by a zombie or injured by an enemy

The zombie virus has broken out in the world and it’s up to you, a skilled marksman, to shoot your way through hordes of zombies. Shoot them in their weak points or use explosive bullets and explosives to take them down. Use your wits and sharpen your reflexes as the zombies close in and the Virus spreads. Are you ready to save humanity? Are you willing to take up arms against a devastating enemy? If so, then read on for more details about our Newest First Person Shooter

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Using Mouse

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