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Zombie is a genre of horror games that focuses on making your skin crawl while you eat an increasingly difficult set of levels. The game’s source material is authentic, the results are scary, and though the blood really does sting, so much the better. But in this age of virtual reality, when we can finally enjoy some zombie fun without worrying about getting shot by a crazed vengeful spirit, we have zombies that are even more realistic than anything you’ll see on a cinema screen. And they usually involve shooting zombies! These are the kind of games that make you want to race out into the countryside and start chopping them down. The good news is you don’t even need an arsenal of guns to get started with these types of games. They are all pretty easy to learn and practice with simple controls. Let’s see what we have so

When you think of it, zombie movies are legendary. The first ones we remember were the rotting corpses in the streets of AMC’s classics such as The Walking Dead and The Sixth Sense. And now, at long last, we have a serious competitor to take our shot at becoming one of the world’s most famous zombies: virtual reality! So here’s what you need to know about this next-generation tech that could change all of

Great gunplay with a fun party atmosphere The Zombie Project brings you action, blood, guts and vomiting as you kill zombies in this top-notch zombie game. Build your Zombie Army, feast upon the flesh of these rotting corpses and make the entire world

zombie shooting game is a fun, fast and easy way to pass the time. Join a group of friends who love to shoot zombies and help them in their mission to save the world from the horde of zombies that are coming over the

The Zombie Survival

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Using Mouse

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